Rainy day


A postcard, black and white, watercolor drawing

falls from my left side pocket



Someone on the street letting me know

I grab a postcard on the ground


My gallery map falls down as I bend down,

A city map falls down right after I grab it.




I lost my postcard after few steps away

I followed the street where I’ve walked on

Hear children’s play

The bell ringing

I replaced the card at the front door of the gallery.

It was too easy. 


뾰족함. 날카롭고 맑음. 하나로 모인 접점.집중. 불필요한것이 제거된 상태

차가운 겨울날의 까슬까슬한 스웨터. 냄새

차가운 겨울날 창의 유리를 뚫고 들어오늘 햇빛

햇빛과 그림자 사이의 날이 선 경계선

눈이 아릿한 햇빛, 프리즘처럼 갈라지는 햇빛. 현기증이 날 정도로 눈이 아릿해 지는 햇빛


느슨했을때의 물

팽팽했을때의 빛

흩어지는 반짝이


익숙함. 일상적인 생활. 습관화된 생각



노곤하고 편안함

2016 November 23

against image



 I paint the tempo of lightness, which I can hardly achieve in my daily life. Tight tension and the aggressiveness of my surroundings drive me to paint more quietly, and loosely. Rigidity is upsetting, marginal, and the empty space of my painting tells me ‘slow down’.


 The process of wiping thin oil with rag, repeatedly, eventually leads me to the point where I am conscious of the format of the canvas – a regular rectangle or square – as a surface on which the oil of my paints can be dematerialized into a residue. I wipe off the paint. This place is very intimate. I try to find the moment where the painting shows me the pulse of time, as my hand touches the surface. Painting then appears to me to be contained, yet extending, or bouncing, or floating, or dissolving.



2014 March 27









Intruder was made at one sitting. It highlights the tension between an intuitive mark making and the lines which is created with concentration. I call the line as ‘intruder’. The line is just like a conscious thought which pierces the unconscious mind.



2013 December 20